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How to Shop With Us



Hello!  Audrey Rippingale here, I am sole owner, founder and truck driver of She Works She Plays.  In 2014, I designed this unique mobile shop (yes, it is a converted semi-trailer!) so that I can haul it around BC and Alberta supplying women with industrial work, safety and outdoor wear.  

There are two ways to shop with me. One way is come and see me when I am set up. I travel all through BC and AB with my rig.  You can check out my calendar to find out where and when I will be in communities. 

The other way is to order from me. I do private orders and shipping across Canada. Contact me on facebook, email  or phone 250-203-8955 and tell me what you need! I will do up an invoice quote for you and if you want to proceed you can pay by Etransfer or credit card.

If you work in industry or trades, if you are the outdoorsy type, or if you are just one of those hands-on women who likes to get her hands dirty, then this is for you. 

Come and experience this exclusive shopping experience. My unique semitrailer sets up for your conveniece to come in, browse, and get what you need for your active lifestyle. Inside a comfortable change room is available for you to try on whatever you are looking for.  Industrial wear can be challenging for women to find, I knows this because I have worked in the trades for decades. 10 years of that time I spent driving concrete trucks.  Now I have my own 1995 Kenworth and I will bring work wear to you!

 Can't wait to meet you and hear your stories. FYI, the picture is the day I brought the trailer home from the barge terminal at Duke Point and started gutting it to create my 'Store on Wheels' 

- Audrey


We are Everywhere Doing Everything