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Thursday, January 14, 2016

If there is anyone out there who might question my authenticity about being a woman working in trades or industry, I would like to share the events of my final day of operation 2015. The place I had chosen to set up shop by Home Depot had worked great in the summer, but in December it turned into a mud bog.  Then, on December 23th, we had quite the snow storm downtown Campbell River that turned my mud bog into, well ... a big mess.  On Christmas Eve, the day I was to pull the rig home for the year, I locked in the diffs on the Kenworth and tried backing up onto the field to get to the trailer.  The tires were spinning in the snow and mud before I was anywhere near the trailer. Nope, not going to work.  So back up onto the road I go and out come the chains. I chained up and this time did not stop backing up until the pin was locked in with a bang!  My beautiful Kenworth pulled the trailer/shop out of that mess and I am sorry to any traffic I may have annoyed by the Quinnie, but I had to get those chains off once I was on the bare and black highway. You see, I wear many hats and I am not kidding.  During that afternoon I was completely alone, as I am everywhere I go. There is no magic helper that arrives to help me.  For those of you who climb up into my shop and see a woman in the retail business, well that is just one piece of my entrepreneur life.  I am a woman running a store, a trucking company and a truck by myself.  I also do all my own posts and I would like to say a special thank you to Cara Mann of Chan Nowasad Boates Accounting for helping me sort out my first year.  Sometimes I couldn't decide if it was more important to grease the truck or catch up with the finances!  But I love what I am doing and I know it what I am destined to do. I feel it in my bones and every time a woman comes in enthusiastically and comments what a great idea and marvels about my shop/trailer looking at the wear for women, my excitement blossoms more.

As I now start to organize for the upcoming year and dream about all the communities I will go to and all the amazing women I will get to see again or meet for the first time, I can't help but reflect on my first year.

This picture was taken from the Kenworth in the Fraser Canyon in September and is one of my favourites of my travels so far.  BC is so beautiful and it is great to see so many women working in this province.  We are so lucky to have the opportunities we do and although everyone seems to be so down about the economic future, I see every day how many British Columbians are out there working!  In my personal opinion, I think a lot of the negativity about the work force is driven by a media frenzy that seems to thrive on pessimism and negativity.  I guess that is what sells, but I wish the news could portray what I see - hard working communities, creative individuals making jobs and utilizing the resource based opportunities that are out there in this great province.  


I am coming ladies, and I promise I will try really hard to have what you need and if I don't, well I will raise hell until the world out there starts making the gear we need!  Cheers, Audrey