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Why buy from us

My name is Audrey Rippingale. My background is running trucks and equipment and my lifestyle is that of an active outdoor woman. When not running my Kenworth and business, I like to run, hunt, fish, hike and spend as much time as I can out in nature.  I live on 2 1/2 acres of rural bush land with my husband and it is my happy place. I got sick of not being able to find good women's workwear so in 2014 I dreamed up this idea of a mobile women's work wear business and in June 2015 I opened my semi-trailer mobile store doors for the first time. I know what it's like to be uncomfortable out there or to stuggle with finding work wear. I beat up my hands so many times dealing with concrete when I used to run the concrete trucks because the gloves were too big to feel my equipment properly so I went bare handed. I caught countless floppy hi vis vests on every part of the loader I used to run. I lost countless safety glasses into the concrete drum bending over the chute because the glasses were too big for my head and would slip off. I would cut sleeves off rain gear and cuffs off pants so it wouldn't hinder me during work or out in the bush playing. I know exactly what it is like. Frustrating.

This is a personalized shopping experience for women looking for good quality work, safety and outdoor wear. You have unique needs and you deserve to have them filled.  You willl only be dealing with me. This is a 100% woman (me!) owned and operated business. I will do my best to find and supply what types of gear you are looking for in whatever environment you may be in. It is an ongoing quest of mine to keep finding more options in women's work wear and have more sizes available to accommodate all body shapes and sizes. It has been a slow journey because I can only afford to expand my inventory slowly, but I am proud of what I have in my rig.  When I find an item with suppliers, I bring in every size they offer. 

I also try to do my best to cover BC with my Kenworth and mobile shop. I am available for ordering online and shipping, but I also know first hand the challenge of ordering work pants or boots and not having them fit properly so it is also my mission to continue to cover BC as much as possible while still being available for ladies to order. Because I just can't get to ever community, I will make the time to be available for ordering, but this is not an automated ordering system. When you fill your cart and send in your request, I will be communicating directly to you to make sure we are getting you what you need in the size we figure out best will fit you. It is a guessing game at times, but I will work with you personally. I want to help you, and I am happy to do returns for different sizes.

Be proud of who you are, you rock. I love being an active outdoor woman and I am proud that I am a part of women in trades and industry.  The more of us that are out there doing it, the more natural and accepted it is.  The pictures are all me throughout my career. My first job was with highways running snow plows, one hell of a way to learn how to handle a truck, lol.  Audrey